Book to Big Screen: The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner, based on the New York Time's best-selling book by James Dashner, was released into theaters across the country today!

If you haven't read the book or heard of the movie or if you're just looking for a reason to watch the awesome trailer again, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

A Jumble of My Thoughts (DISCLAIMER: SPOILERY.):
First let me just say that like most books adapted for the screen, the book to movie accuracy could have been a lot better, but the movie itself was awesome. It was suspenseful and stressful just like the book was. I felt like some of the changes they made were necessary to condense the plot to fit the time frame, but some of them actually confused me. There were definitely a few "When the heck did this happen in the book?" moments. Then there were the things that were left out. The most major one for me was the fact that we couldn't hear Thomas' thoughts. I realize that it's not always possible for the movie to be written with the main character as the narrator, but it can happen and I feel like it would have helped the audience understand Thomas better. In the book, we get to see his frustration and inner turmoil and anger, and I didn't realize until after the movie that it was something I liked and wanted. The emotion was there because Dylan's a great actor and everything, but I would have liked narration. He and Teresa don't talk to each other through their minds either. I also thought the Gladers would be more angsty and mean? And use more of their made up words than regular curses (the phrase of the movie seemed to be "What the hell was that?!")? I don't know. That's probably just me. 
Now onto more important matters, like Dylan O' Brien. I thought this movie was really well casted. I had my doubts, but actually watching the actors bring the characters to life blew those doubts far away. Absolutely A+ cast, including the author himself. Yes, Mr. James Dashner had a short cameo! Cool stuff, author cameos are my favorite. And can we take a moment for the many close-ups we got of Dylan's face? It was GLORIOUS. I adore him. Also, Kaya Scodelario is gorgeous, but her hair stayed perfect through practically the whole movie and that bothered me a little bit. Because, girl, you're running for your life. Speaking of running for your life, let's talk about the Grievers. They were so amazingly frightening I got goosebumps. In my head they were more grubby than spidery, but they're really freaking cool, y'all. 

To both fans and non-fans, I think you'll like this one. Go see The Maze Runner in theaters this weekend and support this movie and possible YA adaptions of the future!