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Hi! I'm Serena, and I'm a seventeen year old lover of books, music, theater, and other things pop-culture. I'm a frequenter of concerts, bookstores, bakeries, Disneyland, and Target and a wearer of red lipstick. My hobbies include reading, hoarding fictional boyfriends (though Jonah Griggs is my #1, always), watching crime shows and baking. I also love interacting with authors and other bloggers. My favorite genres are contemporary and fantasy, but I'll try anything if only just once. I'm probably wearing a nerdy shirt as you're reading this. Ask me about that time I met Tom Felton and hid behind a bakery display. 

I'm also a contributor to Lit Up Review, so you'll find me there once or twice a month.

Other places you can find me on the Internet: Twitter - Goodreads - Instagram

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5 stars: Love it!
(4.5-5 stars)
(4-4.5 stars)

4 stars: Liked a lot!
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(3-3.5 stars)

3 stars: Between liked and eh. 
(2.5-3 stars)
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2 stars: Did not like.
(1.5-2 stars)
(1-1.5 stars)

1 star: DID NOT LIKE. Not a book that's for me.