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 Hello and welcome to my stop on the Shade blog tour! I'll be interviewing the author, Cody Stewart, today. If you'd like to check out the other blogs on this tour, you can do that here! Also, check out the wonderful YA Reads for more fun tours and bookish happenings! 


Genre: Paranormal YA

Clendon Kiernan has always preferred the shadows. A place where he was free from the hate and fear, from the stares and ridicule of others. One night Clen discovers the shocking truth of why. He is a Shade. A thing of darkness. A creature with the ability to shred souls. When a vile whisper tells him to destroy everything around him Clen does the only thing he can.

But he cannot run from himself. The darkness growing inside Clen will soon consume him if he does not learn to control it. In his quest to do so, Clen learns that there is an entire world that exists in the shadows of Ellis, a world that has been hidden from him – secret clans with extraordinary abilities, the ghosts of a hidden past, and a war that’s been brewing for millennia. Clen must uncover the true history of Ellis, see through the generations of lies and deceit, and suffer betrayal and heartbreak if he is to save all those who hate and fear him. But when he learns the truth, will he want to?

The darkness in him could save Ellis. Or it could be what destroys it. 

You can purchase Shade on Amazon, Midnight Frost Books, Smashwords, and Bookstrand! 


Cody was born in Upstate New York. Eventually setting off to seek his fortune, he worked in a paper mill, a whipped cream factory, cleaned apartments, and administratively assisted several organizations before returning to the Adirondacks with a wife and child that he picked up along the way.

He approaches life as though it were a page – frequently rearranging paragraphs to make it more interesting if not wholly true, fudging with the margins to fit more in, and, sometimes, erasing entire sections altogether.

When not altering reality, he is scouring comic book shops, lying on the ground, or floor (whichever he happens to be standing on when he feels the need to go horizontal), trying to convince his wife to make french toast (she makes amazing french toast), and searching for the darkest cup of coffee in existence.

 You can find Cody on his website, on Twitter, and on Facebook. 


How would you describe Shade in seven words or less?

Soul destroying tale of self-discovery. Awesome!

Where did you get the inspiration for Shade?

I started writing it after moving away from my hometown. I grew up in the Adirondacks and moved to Hartford, CT. There are no trees, it’s flat, and it smells like wet underpants after it rains. I started writing Shade in a fit of homesickness. The setting draws a great deal of inspiration from the area where I grew up. Many of the characters are partly based on friends and family.

Shade actually began as a retelling of a local ghost story - the story of Abigail West. She supposedly died in a house fire on the mountain where I grew up, so they named it West Mountain.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? If you have, have you always wanted to write YA?

I can’t not be a writer. I don’t think people choose to be writers, it’s just who they are. Whether they choose to pursue writing as a profession is a different story. I always knew I was a writer. I spent more time scribbling stories in the margins of my notebooks from elementary school to college than I did paying attention to teachers. I started pursuing writing as a career a few years ago. I was drawn to YA because I feel like young adults are more enthusiastically and rampantly imaginative than old adults. I like telling stories to them

Ellis is an extraordinary, creepy world. Could you see yourself living there?
I recently moved back to the town where I grew up, which is partly where Ellis drew its inspiration. So, yeah, I think I could definitely live there. I mean, I could do without the feuding clans of supernaturally powered people. Those kinds of things drive property values way down.

Do you think you and Clen would get along if you were to meet?
Clen is a lot like me. I consciously based him, in part, on myself, but, subconsciously, probably put more of myself in the character than I realized. For that reason, I think we probably wouldn’t get along. I don’t think we’d necessarily clash either though. We would silently pass each other by while staring at the tips of our shoes.

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