Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2015

6:00 AM Serena 2 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's theme is Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2015 - bookish, blogging, or otherwise! I'm going to be doing a mixture of all three. Here are my 2015 goals/resolutions book-wise, blog-wise, and otherwise! 

1. School - My main school/life goal for the next year is to get straight A's. I was so close this semester, so I'm hoping I can do it in one or both of my 2015 semesters. 

2. Blog - I want to stay more on top of my blog posts next year. I still want to prioritize school because I know how important it is, but I still want to get my two weekly posts - Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday - out. 

3. Blog - I want to write more reviews next year! I feel like I haven't written as many reviews as I wanted to since I started blogging because I haven't really had the time. It's something I want to work on though. 

4. General Life Goal - I want to be nicer to people next year. This is really cheesy, but i feel like it's something I actually do need to work on. 

5. Bookish - My goal for the next year is to read 110 books. It's going to get harder to find time to read next school year because of APs and looking into colleges and such, but I really want to see if I can do it. 

6. School - So straight A's are probably not going to happen (because chemistry and Spanish next semester ugh), so a more plausible goal is to improve my class rank. I've been 90-something out of about 500 for the past three semesters, and I want to do better. 

7. Bookish/Life - I want to go to more author events next year! It's hard right now because most events happen on school days and are an hour or so away, but I'll have my license next year so hopefully it'll be easier. There were SO many events that I wanted to go to but couldn't this year! 

8. Life - This is another really cheesy one, but I want to be happier next year. This is something I genuinely struggle with, and I want to fix that. 

9. Life - This is going to sound so stupid to some people, but I want to see Taylor Swift in concert next year. I've wanted to go to a Taylor concert since I was in fourth grade, and I'll be starting my junior year of high school when she's touring near me next summer. So yeah. This is an actual life goal of mine. 

10. Bookish/Bloggish/Lifeish - I want to try and reach out to people more. I've made some friends in the bookish/bloggish community since I started blogging, but I'm still kind of skittish. I'm that way outside of the internet, too. I tend to shy away from interaction with other people, and I probably shouldn't. 

So those are my goals/resolutions for 2015! What are yours? Do we have any in common? Comment below or find me on Twitter (@herondaleish), and we can chat!