Top Ten All Time FAVORITE Authors

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As always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's theme is: Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors. This might end up being more than ten. We'll see!

In no particular order, here are my favorite authors. 

1. J.K. Rowling - Of course Jo made the list. Harry Potter is my life, and I absolutely adore her writing style and her incredible world-building skills. 

2. Morgan Matson - Morgan's books are some of my favorites ever. They're a perfect mix of absolute adorableness and seriousness when necessary. Also, her love for Taylor Swift makes me happy. She's awesome. 

It may seem like I am, but swearsies, I'm not stalking Morgan. 
3. A.G. Howard - Anita is just SO GOOD with words. Plus she wrote a love triangle that I actually loved in her Splintered series, and that hardly ever happens. I love her so much for it. 

4. Sarah Dessen - Some of the very first YA contemporaries I ever read were Sarah Dessen's. While I haven't loved all her books, she and her books will always hold a special place in my heart because of that. 

5. Cassandra Clare - Cassie wrote two series that I absolutely love, and she's created characters that I'll cherish for a lifetime. 

6. Sarah J. Maas - I cannot even when it comes to Sarah's words and her world-building and just GAH. 

Awkward, weird quality selfie with Sarah! Inside a Costco! 
7. Rainbow Rowell - Rainbow's writing makes me SO happy, but it also makes me feel so many feels. I can always relate to her characters too, so that's pretty cool. 

8. Gayle Forman - I am a Gayle Forman newbie, but OMG, I adore her. This woman writes extremely powerful books with ALL THE FEELS. 

9. Kasie West - Kasie's contemporaries are my go-to when I need a pick-me-up. They're just so darn cute and fun. I recently read her Pivot Point duology, and it solidified the fact that I will read anything and everything from her. 

I had the opportunity to meet Kasie last month, and I had such a huge fangirl moment. 
10. Stephanie Perkins - I have so much love for Steph Perkins's books and the way she writes. Man, she's good. 

11. Leigh Bardugo - I am also a Leigh Bardugo newbie, and I'm kicking myself for not reading her Grisha trilogy sooner because it's AMAZING. Her world-building and her characters and just EVERYTHING WAS GOOD. But also everything hurt. Leigh is a superstar. 

Looks, it's me - mid-laugh and losing my chill - and Leigh - looking gorgeous and collected! 
12. Melina Marchetta - Okay, so I've only read one book by Melina, but because 
that book, Jellicoe Road for those not already aware, is my favorite ever, I needed to put her on this list. Also, I need to read more of her books. 

So that's it! Those are my favorite authors! I went a little bit over ten, whoops! Anyway, who are your faves? Lemme know in the comments or on Twitter! 

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  1. Great list of authors, lady! I love Kasie West, Gayle Forman,Stephanie Perkins, Rainbow Rowell, and Morgan Matson too :)