Meeting Sarah J. Maas

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Yesterday I got the chance to meet Sarah J. Maas, the wonderful author of the equally wonderful Throne of Glass series! You may remember that I talked about the first book here last week. 

I couldn't go to her event at the Barnes and Noble in Glendale, so I went to her signing at the Costco in Tustin instead! I didn't know that Costco hosted signings until this week, so I was a little confused. It turned out to be a really good set up though! 

Here's the table Sarah signed at (and me and Sarah!): 

They also had all of Sarah's books in glorious hardcover on sale! It's a little bit blurry, but here are the ones I bought and got signed: 
I waited in line for about ten-ish minutes to meet her. When I got to her table, she said hi, and she asked if I could sign her book too. She has a copy of Throne of Glass that she has everyone write in at her signings. We joked about how it's like a yearbook and maybe someone would end up writing something weird like 'Keep in touch!' or 'Have a great summer!'. She was so fun to talk to and even lovelier in person. She even took a selfie with my copy of Heir of Fire with me! 

It was a pretty successful signing for me! I loved meeting Sarah, and I even got to meet Sara of What a Nerd Girl Says and have a minor fangirl moment over that. Her blog is awesome. 

So yeah! That's how I met Sarah J. Maas. You can check out her books on Goodreads or on her website