Swoontastic Couples of YA: The Levi and Cath Edition

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It's Valentine's Day, bookworms! The Swoontastic Couples of YA is a new meme/feature/tag thing from my friend Andrew over at Endlessly Reading. He tagged me to try it out, and I was more than happy to. I thought it was perfect for today.
Just as the name implies, Swoonastic Couples of YA is talking about anything and everything to do with your favorite swoony ships. As you probably already know, I have tons of those, so this just might be a feature you see around here a lot. You can check out Andrew's original post here

For my very first Swoontastic Couples post, I thought I'd feature one of my very favorite ships of ever, Levi and Cath from Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl

I am so heart eyes about this ship, y'all. 
I love everything about them. I love them separately (Levi is my dream.). I love them together, duh. They are everything. Their banter is golden, and she reads him fanfiction and he loves it. They went to buy a book together at midnight on release day! And most importantly, they love and support each other. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. 

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Found here
So yes. Levi and Cath are the very definition of swoontastic for me. I adore them. Happy Valentine's Day, friends!