May Wrap Up!

12:00 AM Serena 2 Comments

May has been a super busy month, and I don't know about you, but for me, this month sped by. I can't believe today is June! AHHHH. Anyway, since May was such a busy month school/life wise, May was also the month I kind of failed at reading. OOPS. School is out in two short weeks though, so hopefully June will be a more successful book month! Without further ado, here's what happened in May. 

My "Real" Book Challenge Books:

That puts me at a total of 33 books towards my goal of 41-50! 

To find out more about the challenge, check it out here!

My 2015 TBR Pile Challenge Book (I only read one this month...):

That puts me at a total of 9 books towards my goal of 21-30. My TBR must be tackled soon. 

To find out more about the challenge, check it out here!

Non-challenge books: 

Some new additions to my shelves: 

Snagged all these for $45 at a Scholastic warehouse sale! SCORE. 
99 Days from #booksfortrade (Thanks, Jocelyn!) / Tonight the Streets Are Ours and Nowhere But Here from Pasadena Loves YA! Thanks to the publishers.

Notable May posts: 

So that's how my month went! How was May for you? Tell me about it! :)


  1. You're month has been excited! New books, Pasadena Loves YA, and book trading. The books you read as well seem super interesting, hope you enjoyed them! Can't wait for the reviews. :)

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!

    1. Yeah, it was definitely a crazy month! Good crazy though. And I did, for the most part! (But ahhh, I'm so behind on reviews. Hopefully they'll be out more often when school's out.) :)